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Energize Your Morning with Qi'a™ Superfood!

Qi’a (pronounced Kee-ah) is our NEW Superfood Cereal made with Chia, Hemp and Buckwheat. This power trio of seeds and grains is chocked full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s.

What is Qi’a?
Qi’a (pronounced Kee-ah) means energy. That’s because every bowl of Qi’a starts with three powerful ancient grains: chia, hemp and buckwheat. This power trio of seeds and grains is full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s. You can enjoy Qi’a in a blend of vanilla-dusted cranberries and almonds, a blend of cinnamon raisins and green apples, or our original blend with ZERO added sugar.

Why will you love Qi’a?
There’s so many reasons. So why don’t we just list our favorites:

  • Certified gluten free
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar or salt
  • High in protein (6 grams per serving)
  • Heart healthy
  • Certified organic
  • Non GMO Project Verified

What can you do with Qi'a?
What CAN'T you do with Qi'a? If you're looking for a little inspiration, try one of our new recipes created by Chef Akasha. You won't regret it.

No time for baking? No problem. 
You can boost your nutrition with only 2 tablespoons of cereal in any (or all) of the following ways:

  • Enjoy Qi’a as a breakfast cereal by mixing with your favorite milk (dairy, almond, soy or rice)
  • Mix Qi’a into your favorite yogurt or fruit smoothie for the ultimate protein snack
  • Stir Qi’a into hot oatmeal or soup for a nutritious energy boost
  • Sprinkle Qi’a on top of your salad for that extra crunch
  • Bake Qi’a into your favorite muffin, bread, or cake recipe