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Gluten Free Selections Brown Sugar Maple with Ancient Grains

Whole Grains
31 g Whole Grain
4 g Protein
1 packet (40 g)
Our new Gluten Free Hot Oatmeal is like sunshine for your taste buds! “Really? Gluten free that tastes this good,” you say? You bet! In fact, our gluten free products are favorites of folks everywhere. Why? Because they flat-out taste terrific. We start with the purest, gluten free oats available and test them to highest standards†, to ensure their quality before making any of our delicious hot oatmeals. Then we add ingredients like ancient grains, brown sugar and maple for added nutrition and flavor. You and your taste buds will celebrate! †Our oats are tested using the R-5 ELISA test method to confirm purity.
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Gluten free rolled oats*, brown sugar*, cane sugar*, maple sugar*, rolled amaranth*, rolled quinoa*, sorghum flour*, natural flavor, sea salt. *Organic. Produced in a facility that uses soy and tree nuts.

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Bring back the previous version
April 11th, 2015

The previous version of Brown Sugar Maple was a diet staple for me. The ingredients were oats and quinoa with 6 grams of protein and 165 calories per packet. Now it also includes amaranth and sorghum but it doesn't taste as good and has only 4 grams of protein. Due to severe food allergies I need to avoid multiple-grain foods so as not to develop new sensitivities. For all these reasons I have decided to stop eating Brown Sugar Maple oatmeal and am sorry. I can't imagine why this was changed, but maybe other people won't care as much.

Thank You for making this fabulous product!!
July 27th, 2014

I discovered this Gluten Free Organic cereal 2 weeks ago. I am thrilled to have made the discovery - as I have SO MISSED eating cereal since my M.D. tested my DNA and told me I am super gluten intolerant. Your cereal is delicious (Maple) and I love it with plain yogurt and blue berries. I often eat it for desert after dinner. THANK YOU SO MUCH - I hope your product sells well so I can keep it a permanent part of my diet.

San Diego
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