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6 Best Podcasts for Healthy Living

Posted by Natures Path on February 25th, 2016 under Healthy Living, Nutrition Tips, General, How To's


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It's been shown that current generations are very committed to their health and wellness, but we are also busier and more bombarded with information than ever before. Podcasts allow you to stay up to date and with helpful information while cooking, commuting or walking to your yoga class. 

Get informed and inspired about healthy eating, exercise, stress relief and more with these 6 podcasts for healthy living.


No Meat Athlete

Staying healthy and getting the right nutrients isn't always easy on a plant-based diet, especially if you take exercise seriously. No Meat Athlete focuses on the health and environmental benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet, and the podcast provides real world tips on fueling yourself with plants. Casual runners and marathon trainers alike will appreciate the timely topics like keeping your New Year's goals and maintaining your exercise routine on vacation.


Healthy Moms

If you're seeking health and wellness tips geared toward the whole family, you'll want to listen to the Healthy Moms podcast from Wellness Mama. This podcast covers topics ranging from whole foods to fitness to stress and everything in between. With ideas like natural back-to-school remedies, in-depth looks at real food, and a guide to knowing whether you have gluten sensitivity, the Healthy Moms podcast even offers actionable tips to get you started down the path toward wellness.


Psychology of Eating

Making sense of what's good and bad for your health can be a real challenge. The Psychology of Eating podcast gets to the bottom of food and wellness by tackling these issues from an intriguing angle. Each podcast uses a personal perspective to analyze issues like body image, sugar addiction, and weight loss struggles. By taking a personal approach, the Psychology of Eating podcast invites listeners to take action and apply healthy solutions to their own situations.


TED Talks Health

In recent years TED Talks have quickly grown in popularity, thanks to their ability to showcase dynamic speakers and fascinating ideas. The TED Talks Health podcast gathers together all talks on health, highlighting both individual TED Talks and playlists for multiple talks on a hot topic. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare, you can learn about solutions to the world's food woes, how to stay calm under pressure, and what makes people happy in the long run.


Beauty Inside Out

Inner health has a significant impact on outer beauty, and the Beauty Inside Out podcast takes a smart look at how health affects attractiveness. With topics like nutrition, fitness, and yoga, this nutritionist-led podcast shares expert interviews and animated discussions. Learn how to feel and look better with key tips and takeaways from each podcast.


Meditation Oasis

When you're juggling a busy schedule of work, family, and friends, finding calm and quiet can seem like an impossible task. The Meditation Oasis podcast helps you relieve stress by creating a tranquil space in the midst of your busy life. If you feel ungrounded, lack patience, or underperform at work, this podcast can help you refocus your energy and lower stress levels.



Take Out with Ashley & Robyn

Registered Dietician Ashley Koff and former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O'Brien interview people they see as key in changing our health. From rock stars to policy makers to non-profit founders to food makers, pro athletes, actresses and more, get some Take Out with Ashley and Robin and be inspired for a healthier future. 


From stress management to healthy eating, podcasts can help you get to the bottom of issues and establish positive habits. If you're looking to make a change to your food, exercise, or wellness routine, give these podcasts a listen.

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