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How Giving Back Is Good For Your Health

Posted by Dr. Rimjhim Duggal Stephens on August 5th, 2015 under General

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”  -Arthur Ashe

Giving back feels good.  When we dedicate the time to think about others and their needs, the warm feeling we get lingers and helps us more than we know.  Whether it’s cooking for a sick friend, picking up your niece from daycare, volunteering abroad, or donating your resources or skills to an organization in need; all that giving really gives you a glow. 

Doing good doesn’t just feel good – it may actually have a positive effect on your health. If you’re feeling positive effects from all the good you’re doing in your life - it’s not just in your head. 

How giving back is good for our health

  • A positive link has been found between volunteering and increased self-esteem. This may lead to the release of endorphins which can improve nervous and immune system function.
  • Habitual giving back can give you a break from your day-to-day. It enables you to gain outside perspective and the ability to troubleshoot your problems more efficiently and effectively.
  • Students performing acts of kindness have reported feeling happier and experienced greater acceptance from their peers after giving back . 
  • Adolescents volunteering an hour a week showed lower levels of inflammation, cholesterol, and BMIs as well as higher levels of self-esteem, mental health, mood, and empathy which may lead to a decreased risk of heart disease.

The Love Crunch story

Giving is important to me.  The love story between my husband, Arjan and I began at a volunteer event.  We were both volunteering at a healthy food and lifestyle expo, Veggie Fest, when we were placed in the same booth. We both felt a spark.  This spark led us to volunteer together on a future project over which our love was born. 

We were engaged the following year and came up with a giving-back project for our wedding guests in lieu of wedding gifts. We asked our kind and enthusiastic guests to try a new experience of giving, chronicle their experience, and share it on our wedding blog. We called this project “The Experience Giving Project”.

We wanted to reward our guests for their time and efforts so we spent days thinking of a creative wedding favor.  And then it came to us – create a custom cereal!  We taste-tested many flavors and combinations (all in the name of love!) and came up with our original Dark Chocolate Love Crunch

After our wedding we were often asked where to get Dark Chocolate Love Crunch, so with the help of Nature’s Path’s dedicated team we decided we needed to share it with the world.  In order to keep the spirit of giving alive, we wanted Love Crunch sales to give back in some way.

We first partnered with Whole Foods to donate proceeds to their Whole Planet Foundation - which helps women in developing countries attain microcredit loans to help start their business dreams. Later, we we created the Bite for Bite initiative that donates a bag of cereal for every bag of Love Crunch sold or the cash equivalent to food banks across North America. The Love Crunch Bite for Bite program is still going strong – donating up to $1 million a year.

The spirit of giving back is close to our hearts and continues to drive much of what we do. Do some good in your community and feel the good it’ll do for you too. 

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