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We are All Farmers. Behind the New Nature’s Path Mini Movie.

Posted by Arran Stephens on July 7th, 2015 under General

In this video, we want to inspire you to see yourselves as a vital part of the food chain – a farmer. Every time you choose something to feed your family, you cast a vote – you make a choice about what is planted and how it’s grown. You could say ‘you bought it, you planted it.’
We believe that everyone should have access to delicious food that is both good for people and the planet, and every time you choose organic, we get one step closer!
It’s always been our mission at Nature’s Path to be a company that does more than just sell food. Growing up on our berry farm on Vancouver Island, my father taught me to always leave the earth better than I found it. Advice which became our guiding principle, rooted deep in our family farming tradition and reaching into everything we do as a company.
Everyone has a role to play in preserving the health of our people and the planet. And when you choose well, good things grow.
Thank you for playing your part. We’d love for you to watch the video and share it with the farmers in your life.
- Arran and Ratana Stephens

Arran Stephens

As an artist, author, environmentalist, and founder of America’s largest certified organic cereal company, Arran is a voice of experience in the alternative food industry. His values — sustainability, community, and spirituality — have fuelled a pioneering career in business.