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The Seeds of Change

Posted by Nature's Path on November 5th, 2014 under General, GMO Updates
We are living in an exciting time. This month Americans voted on three different GMO propositions – that’s huge! The fact that the genetic modification of the North American food system has become the focus of national discussion in just a few short years speaks volumes to the impact a small group of passionate, informed, and committed citizens can have.
Yesterday the people of Maui voted yes on their initiative to put a moratorium on GMO crops. A remarkable victory worthy of much celebration!
We are proud to support – and will continue to support – mandatory GMO labeling initiatives across North America. We see the results of Oregon and Colorado’s ballot initiatives not as a defeat, but as a victory. More than a million people took a stand in favor of GMO labeling. And those voices will not be silenced.  
Oregon’s mandatory GMO labeling initiative was defeated by the narrowest margin yet. GMO labeling did not pass in Colorado, but over 600,000 people cast their votes in favor of their right to know.
We are so grateful to all who voted in support of transparency and all the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to educate their communities.  Thank you!  
At Nature’s Path we will continue to give our time and resources to help GMO labeling become a reality, even when opponents outspend us 16:1. The truth will ultimately prevail. In the meantime you can continue to count on us for delicious certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified foods. It’s our way of leaving the earth better than we found it.

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