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Know GMOs

GMO OMG is an honest and heartwarming journey of discovery. Finn is 6 and fascinated with seeds. Like any good Dad, Jeremy wants to encourage his son’s curiosity. Who knew it would lead him from their kitchen table to Monsanto’s doorstep?
Delving into the reality of genetically modified foods is not for the faint of heart. It means tackling issues of health, biodiversity, and freedom of choice. While we don’t currently have the legal right to know what’s in our food, we do have the right to learn, teach, and fight to win the right to know!
Here’s how you can be an agent of change:
·       Get informed and help others do the same.
·       Help get the movie up on a big screen near you - donate to GMO OMG
·       Support non-gmo agriculture -buy certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified products.
·       Grow your own food organically.
·       Support local, state-wide and federal GMO labeling initiatives.
At Nature’s Path we believe you should know what you’re eating. That’s why we voluntarily have our products third-party certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified. We want you to see the labels and know exactly what you’re eating. No surprises, just great taste and peace of mind.
Our family has been keeping GMOs out of your food supply for decades.
2013 Nature’s Path supports I-522 in Washington
2012 Nature’s Path joins the steering committee for Proposition 37 in California
2012 Nature’s Path sponsors a documentary on GMOs aptly named GMO OMG               
2011 Nature’s Path first to label products Non GMO Project Verified in Canada
2010 Nature’s Path is a founding partner of the Non-GMO Project.
1999 Nature’s Path becomes North America’s largest organic cereal manufacturer.
1990 Nature’s Path opens Canada’s first certified organic cereal manufacturing facility.
1985 Arran and Ratana Stephens open Nature’s Path, a family-run vegetarian organic food company.
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